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Why is it helpful to get pre-approved? Getting pre-approved is useful for a couple of reasons, including knowing your credit and being aware of any potential issues that could conflict with your home buying process knowing your maximum spending ability vs. your ideal spending budget already having your pre-approval letter on hand when sellers ask […]


Are you buying a house and wonder how to choose a home warranty? Here are a couple thoughts for you to consider to help you better understand what a home warranty is and how it plays a part when buying a home. What is a home warranty? When a home warranty is part of a […]


Home inspections are a crucial part in buying real estate and they typically don’t happen until there is an accepted contract (a meeting of the minds). The home inspection period in the standard AAR purchase contract allows for a 10 day inspection period so it’s good to know what to expect during the inspection period and […]


When writing an offer it will need to be agreed upon what title and escrow company the buyer and seller will use as the neutral 3rd party in the transaction. The escrow company is where the buyers earnest money will be deposited. The title company is who issues a clean and clear title to the […]


Here are the top 10 questions you should be asking your lender… 1.    Can you help me create a mortgage plan and show me the best value over the time I’m going to own the home? 2..    What percentage of your business is “purchase” vs. “refinance”? 3.    Are you able to complete pre-approvals and issue […]


You Might Benefit From a Buyers Agent:   As your real estate agent we have 100% loyalty and are committed to you, at no extra charge to you. The sellers pay the listing agent and the buyers agent a commission at the day of closing.  Some exclusions may apply. Instead of trying to search outdated […]







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