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Thing’s You Should Know About Title

When writing an offer it will need to be agreed upon what title and escrow company the buyer and seller will use as the neutral 3rd party in the transaction. The escrow company is where the buyers earnest money will be deposited. The title company is who issues a clean and clear title to the buyer on behalf of the seller.  Arizona tends to be a very buyer friendly state but it is important to know your obligations in the purchase contract before making an offer. If we have not had the opportunity for a buyer consultation, let’s schedule a time today! 

Here is a list of title companies that I have found to provide excellent service: 

Clear Title

Lawyers Title

Each title company has different rates based on their services but all tend to be competitive. When comparing companies it is also important to have an escrow officer that will help keep the transaction on track and communicate well with each party. If you have any question feel free to contact me at any time, I am happy to help review your options. My job is to be your real estate resource and to look out for your BEST interest but the choice is always yours.

How will you take title?






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