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What due diligence?

Buyer Advisory

The Arizona Association of REALTORS® Buyer Advisory is a great resource! The Buyer Advisory can help you with the due diligence required when buying a property here in Arizona. The Buyer Advisory is a very comprehensive resource of things to consider during the due diligence period. You will find a breakdown of standard documents used in a real estate transaction, resources for investigating the property’s physical condition, and things buyers should consider about the community itself. 

Home Inspection

It is advisable to obtain a professional physical home inspection to help discover any issues with the property’s condition. As your real estate agent, we can help find properties of interest, negotiate offers, and give recommendations. However, we are generally not qualified appraisers, home inspectors, roofers, plumbers, electricians, or any other trade specialists. Buyers need to consult with qualified specialists when doing their due diligence.

Due Diligence Timeframe

There may be other material facts you would like to look into, so it is essential to remember that Arizona’s due diligence time frame is typically the first ten days after contract acceptance. Unless otherwise noted in the contract. There are times in negotiating the best terms and conditions that this timeframe is shortened. If there is a lot of extra due diligence needed on the property, we may extend this timeframe. During the agreed upon due diligence timeframe, there are many things for you to consider.

For example: If you have a question regarding an HOA, agents can often help with ways to get in touch with the HOA, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to contact the HOA directly.

Additional resources and things to consider:

– Pools: considering a home with a pool, please check out ‘What to know when owning a pool.’

– Solar: When looking at homes with solar, here is what we think you should ‘Know About Solar’

If you have any questions about anything particular, we are always here to help! 






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