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Moving Options and Storage

There are many moving options depending on your situation. From professional movers, moving containers, or DIY moving trucks. Many of the moving companies will offer short and longer-duration storage options. The rental container companies are popular for the DIY packer and interim storage options. Rental trucks can be a great moving option for the DIY mover. There are many local storage units around the Valley.

Moving Options

There are some great professional moving companies that have an array of services. From packing, loading, moving and unloading. Some companies even have storage options for as short as a day or 2, to longer-term storage options. Here is a list of local moving companies that I like:

Rental Container

My favorite moving option is the rental containers. You can pay monthly to have a container or to store items at a facility. If you don’t want to rent a truck a portable storage container can be a great option. You can load and unload as you go. If you have time in between places they will even store the container for you.

Rental Truck

Great for the DIY that has an apartment or smaller single-family home. There may be some crews you could hire to help you load and unload but you are definitely more on your own with this option. Here is a Moving Truck Rental Guide that might be of some help and a list of rental truck companies that I am aware of.

Freight Trailer: Best for long-distance, cross-country moves. There are many different options. Prices will vary on how much stuff you are moving, how far you are moving, and who does the packing/loading.

Boxes and Supplies: Make sure you have the necessary supplies like boxes, tape, packing paper, and moving blankets.






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