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Tips to Selling Your House

These tips to selling your house can help you get the most return on your investment. The market will do some magic for you, but there are still a few things you should know to do to get the highest return from your property.

List at the right price. 

Think of the lesson of The Three Bears – not too high, not too low, but just right. A home priced too high will sit on the market too long, and a home priced too low will cheat you of what you’re due, so work with a Realtor® who knows your neighborhood and the market to make sure you optimally price your property. As a Price Strategy Advisor (PSA), I am happy to review the market with you anytime.

List during Spring and Summer.

Depending on your market, Spring and Summer tend to have the most activity. Be sure to list your property when the most buyers are looking in your neighborhood to maximize viewing opportunities and take advantage of multiple bidders.

Present a “like new” property.

Distinguish your property from others by taking care of home repairs before you list the house. Thus save the buyer time, money, and energy, and by virtue of your house looking spic and span, it’ll help your property sell faster and at a better price, too!

Declutter and depersonalize.

Tidy the house and hide personal items such as photographs and knick-knacks to help prospective buyers visualize themselves in the space. *Part of our Sellers concierge service is to go through the property with you to discuss possible upgrades and ways to get your home ready to sell.

Let your neighbors know you’re selling.

There’s nothing like imagining yourself living in the same neighborhood as your closest friends! Word-of-mouth marketing is the best when it comes to generating serious home interest, so let your neighbors know you’re moving and ask them to spread the word to their social networks. You can even post photos of your house on Facebook and invite friends to share them.

Post plenty of photos online.

A study by Trulia showed that properties with more than six photos are twice as likely to be viewed as properties with six or fewer images, so we will make sure to showcase your home with many photographs! Online listings and pictures are becoming increasingly important as buyers rely more and more on the internet for their searches.

Keep the door open.

Not literally … but make sure it’s easy for prospective buyers to tour your house. Think about how much convenience means to you. Would you go out of your way to make an appointment far in advance, tailor your schedule to the homeowner’s, or drive across town in traffic to see a property? Probably not, and your prospective buyers won’t, either. Hold open houses at convenient times and make it easy for an agent to show the property when asked.

Tips to Sell Your House
Tips to sell your house

First Time Seller

You may have purchased a home, but have you sold a house? For more tips on selling your house, a seller checklist, and the basic steps to selling real estate, check out the main page of our site www.AudreyTolley.com






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